Laboratory of Biochemistry

Çamlık Medical Center laboratory is a 24/7 service unit. Our laboratory provides fast, reliable and high-quality service to our patients within the framework of confidentiality with its Biochemist and experienced staff.

What are the Biochemistry Laboratory Tests?

Biochemistry is a branch of science that covers all the substances found in the human body. Therefore, the tests performed in the biochemistry laboratory are related to all of these substances. The number of these substances is more than 120. The output time of the test results varies depending on the test performed. Some tests are completed in a few minutes, while others require a longer wait.

Although it is very difficult to count the biochemistry tests one by one, it is possible to divide these tests into classes within themselves. These classes are hormone, metabolism, complete blood count and urine analysis. The substances sought here also differ. In tests, the level of more than one substance is usually monitored at the same time.

When evaluating the results of the tests performed here, the assessment is carried out using december established by the World Health Organization. As a result of these evaluations, if the monitored substance is not december the normal range according to the result from the biochemistry laboratory, the diagnosis can be made based on here. But if the values are december the normal range, it may come up with different tests.

The devices found in the biochemistry laboratory located in our hospital are state-of-the-art products. Due to this, the data obtained are extremely reliable. In addition, thanks to these devices, the test results are obtained in a very short time. This means that the treatment of patients is carried out quickly.
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