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Having a healthy life means that the society moves to the future in a healthy way. Our medical center provides services with advanced technology for our future architect women and newborn babies. In gynecological diseases, starting out with the perception of 'Early diagnosis saves lives', it carries out both our detailed controls; we also put our women's health above all else. In the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, from the adolescence to the menopause, women of all ages are diagnosed and treated with health problems, and routine controls and preventive medicine practices are successfully provided.

Our Center;

• Ultrasound • Intelligence Tests • NST • General Pregnancy Follow-Up • Menopause Follow-Up • Laboratory Tests • Gynecological examination • Pre and post-pregnancy care • Routine screening tests during pregnancy • Sugar loading test • Sexually transmitted diseases • Genital cancer screening tests • Cancer and pre-cancer lesions • Infertility (Infertility) follow-up and treatment • Birth control methods • Spiral insertion and removal • Cervical wound (Cauterization) treatment • Urinary incontinence (Incontinence) treatment • Hormonal disorders • Painful menstrual (Dysmonorrhea) • Ovarian cyst diagnosis and treatment • Menopause period assays and treatments • Myomauteri diagnosis and treatments • Kandilom (Genital Wart) treatment • Smear and HPV screening test • Cervical polyp excision • Cervical biopsy

operations are carried out.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Should Nutrition Be During Pregnancy?
Proper nutrition while pregnant it is possible to get the nutrients that you and your baby need in a balanced way, and there is no need for extra calories in the first 3 months.In the later stages of pregnancy, an excess calorie intake of 300-600 dec sufficient. In other words, there is no need to increase your nutrition too much because I am feeding the child.This will return you only in weight.

What Does It Mean to Eat Right ?

1. Stay away from chemical, processed, additive, packaged(ready-made) foods as much as possible. These are additives that include saturated fat, added salt, sugar and its extract.

2. In nutrition, it is recommended to take 5 main food groups balanced every day. That is, uniform nutrition is not recommended. It is possible to exemplify them as follows:

1. Group: Fresh vegetables-fruits
2. Group: Dairy and dairy products
3. Group:Cereals, legumes and seeds
4. Group: Animal proteins (meat,fish,chicken)
5. Group: Oils (olive oil)

The less processed and free from foreign substances such as pesticides in these foods, the more beneficial it will be from a nutritional point of view. In addition to your diet, it is october to add about 2 liters of water per day and avoid stimulant and additive drinks.( Acidic and sugary drinks) .
Is the Ovarian Cyst (Ovarian Cysts) Dangerous?
Ovarian cysts are mostly simple cysts due to hormonal causes. It can be eliminated with appropriate drug treatments. It is preferable to take a certain size cyst that does not respond to drug therapy under operating room conditions for examination and examination, cysts that are considered molignancy.
What Is the Importance of Menstrual Irregularities in Young Girls?
Adolescence; 9-13 is a period that begins on average around the age of 10-11-12 and lasts until about the age of 17-18. Because the production of ovarian hormones in this process is not regular, especially infrequent menstruation is a normal condition that is common during puberty. Irregular menstruation can be considered normal during puberty unless there are other conditions such as ovarian cyst excessive bleeding.
How Should Thyroid Disease and its Treatment Be During Pregnancy?
Iodine deficiency in pregnancy is a serious problem. About 150 micrograms of iodine is recommended during pregnancy and the period of its localization. Hypothyroidism can cause serious problems, especially acyclic hypothyroidism. It causes miscarriage, fetal death, premature birth, pre-eclampsia and impaired neuro-physiological development of the fetus. Hypothyroidism is one of the important endocrine diseases that can be encountered in pregnancy due to its effects on child development and its treatment should be started in the early stages of pregnancy.
Can I Have a Normal Birth After a Cesarean Section?
Yes, you can. If your doctor has not seen any incompatibility with normal delivery, normal delivery can be performed under close supervision and in a center with operating room conditions.
Is Surgery Necessary in Myoma?
Fibroids are common in women. Most fibroids seen in one out of every 4 women do not require surgery. Evaluation of fibroids is performed according to their location, number, size, potential for bleeding and risk of malignancy at follow-up. After the doctor's follow-up performed according to these criteria, drug treatment or surgery is decided.
What Should Be Considered in Menopause?
Menopause is one of the physiological periods in women's life that occurs around the age of 50 on average. During this period, because the hormonal balance changes, there are changes in the body that affect many organs. Hormonal and non-hormonal treatments can be applied to alleviate the effect of these changes.