In our department, robust child monitoring, screening, all childhood vaccination practices, nutrition education and follow-up, growth development monitoring of children dec 0 to 14 are carried out, and diagnosis and treatment are carried out in cases of illness.

Polyclinic examination rooms are arranged in order to ensure that children are examined in the comfort and confidence of being in their own environment.

All employees take care of acting in accordance with child psychology.

There is a breast-feeding room with a changing table in sufficient width and equipment for expectant mothers to change and breastfeed.

Our patients can choose their own doctor from our team. Our doctors act both in healthy child monitoring (vaccination, nutrition, development, screening), and in cases of illness within the framework of jointly created scientific programs. In case of illness, examinations (laboratory, radiology) are carried out in the required time and reliably.
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We Have A Fever And A Throat Infection Once A Month And We Take Antibiotics, What Is The Reason ?
The vast majority of throat infections are caused by viruses.It can also pass without the use of antibiotics.For this reason, if Strep A (-) is present, it should be tried to pass this period without using antibiotics. On the other hand, some rheumatological childhood diseases can lie under recurrent fevers at december of 3-4 weeks, and antibiotics such as pharyngitis are mistakenly used. In such cases, it is necessary to contact your doctors.
What Is the Reason Why My Baby Is Crying So Restless All the Time ?
At the bottom of the restlessness, there may be simple reasons such as hunger, contamination of the bottom, or gas, as well as serious problems such as reflux, food allergy, urinary tract infection, otitis media(ear infection).For this reason, close doctor follow-up is required.
What is the Reason My Child Is Not Developing?
Your child's growth-development percentile should be evaluated well. The height, weight of the parents should also be taken into account. You should not compare your child with children who are developing very quickly. Consult your doctor if persanthine has a low course. If necessary, it is important to conduct a detailed examination and follow-up.
My Baby Is 4 Months Old, There Is Blood In His Poop And There Is Redness On His Body, What Is The Reason?
Babies with food allergy may have blood in their poop or rashes on their body. The most common food allergy is milk allergy. Mom and baby may need to go on a diet. Consult your doctor for food allergy.
Why Does My Baby Vomit a Lot?
Vomiting of your baby can also be a simple, physiological phenomenon, or a serious illness can also lie under it. If your baby's development is good, intermittent, cheesy vomiting can be considered normal. If he has gained excess weight, nutrition can be regulated. However, if gushing-style vomiting is increasing, if developmental retardation has started to be added, you should contact your doctor.
Is It Right To Use Kangaroos And Walkers?
Babies can be transported by kangaroo, as it allows them to come into contact with the mother's chest area. It should be noted here that the baby's head is supported.

It is not recommended to use the walker in infants.Use before the ninth month may cause curvature of the spine or legs.There is also a high risk of accidents when using it after the ninth month.
Despite the Fact that We Use Steam Therapy, Our Complaints Recur What is the Reason ?
If you use steam regularly but your complaints persist, your disease may not just be an asthma table.Your child may have reflux, aspiration, october food allergy, or some chronic disease. For this reason, it is important that you have regular doctor follow-ups.
How October I Start Supplemental Nutrition?
The World Health Organization recommends feeding only breast milk for the first 6 months.If there is insufficient breast milk or if the mother has contraindications to breastfeeding, breast milk+continuation milk is recommended for the first 6 months. October 6. it should be started after the month. 6 through 9. the month is the complementary period for october foods. Starting october foods early or increasing them quickly can cause allergic reactions in the baby, which can also negatively affect the later stages of his life. You can get help from your doctor about starting october foods.
My Baby Refuses to Suck Me at 3 Months Old Is My Milk Not Working for My Baby?
Do not worry if your baby's development is good, if he does not have a fever, if the doctor's examination is also normal. It is during this period that babies begin to socialize. He is attracted by environmental warnings (sound,light,color), he is often divided into breastfeeding. Moms also worry that my baby is not sucking, or they start eating because my milk is not working. On the contrary, patience should be exercised.Stimuli should be reduced and breastfeeding should be continued. In terms of its development, it should be under the supervision of a doctor.
Should I Get Special Vaccinations?
Special vaccines are also recommended by the Ministry of Health, as are state vaccines. It is just not covered by payment for now. Such an approach is wrong, as there is no need for others to get state vaccinations. We care and recommend both government vaccines and private vaccines as our medical center in terms of community health and the health of your child.
Why Does My Child Have Intermittent Nosebleeds?
Chronic diseases such as bleeding-clotting disorder, kidney failure or hypertension can lie under recurrent nosebleeds. Consult your doctor for recurrent nosebleeds.
When Should Robust Child Monitoring Start And How Often Should It Continue?
Sound child monitoring should be started from the moment of birth.The first month is recommended once a week,the second month is recommended once every fifteen days, and after the second month - once a month. children after 1 year should be checked every 3 months.Babies 3. he should be examined by an ophthalmologist for an eye check-up per month.Again, before starting school, the child should be examined by ophthalmologists and ENT doctors.