Bir beslenme uzmanı tarafından sizin için özel olarak hazırlanan diyetiniz zayıflama süreci bittikten sonra bir koruma programı ile devam eder. Bu süre zarfında takipte olacaksınız ve kontrolünüz aralık aralıklarında da olsa sürecek. Ve kazandığınız sağlıklı beslenme alışkanlıklarını uygulamaya devam ediyorsunuz. Ancak tabii ki kilo verme sürecinizde kalori kısıtlaması fazla olan sürdürülemez diyetleri izlerseniz ve hedefinize ulaştıktan sonra eski sağlıksız halinizle beslenme alışkanlıklarınıza devam ederseniz kilo almanız kaçınılmazdır.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is It Necessary to Treat Adolescent Acne, Are There Repetitions After Treatment?
Acne in adolescence, if it comes out very inflamed and leaves traces after healing, they need to be treated. Pimples may recur after treatment.
Is There a Cure for Psoriasis, Does It Pass Completely?
There are medicines for psoriasis. When they are used, psoriasis heals wounds. After quitting, it can recur according to the person's body and the type of psoriasis.
Is There Any Harm from Botox Treatment?
Botox is also a drug and must be administered by physicians who are experts in their field. Your doctor will tell you about the situations you may encounter during the botox treatment process. But in the long run there is no harm in doing it by a specialist.
Is There a Cure for Sun Spots?
Medications, PRP and laser treatments are used to treat sunspots.
My Hair Is Falling Out, Why Can It Be?
Be sure to consult a dermatologist when your hair falls out. Because there are not one, but many causes of hair loss, and in some types of hair loss can be permanent if timely intervention is not performed.
How Is Skin Care Done, How Often Is It Appropriate to Do It?
Skin care is applied according to the skin structure of the person. A personal skin care protocol is determined by performing a skin analysis.
The Spots Of Pimples And Blackheads Do Not Pass, What Should I Do?
It is necessary to treat acne and blackheads with medication if the scars and spots do not pass.
Is It Harmful to Remove Moles?
Moles should be examined by a skin specialist ( Dermatologist ) before they are removed. If it is convenient, the skin specialist himself can take me or direct me to be taken.
Are There Any Side Effects of PRP Treatment ?
Since we use a person's own blood to treat PRP, there is very little chance of developing a side effect.
Are Skin Diseases Transmitted?
Some skin diseases can be transmitted.
How Should the Treatment of Nail Fungus Be ? Repeats?
The course of treatment of nail fungus is long and must necessarily be treated by a skin specialist with medication. In some cases, recurrence may occur after treatment.