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Nutrition is the intake of nutrients into the body to maintain life, growth and development, and maintain health. An adequate and balanced diet, on the other hand, is an adequate intake of nutrients necessary depending on the age, gender of the individual and the physiological state in which he is located. Nutrition is not just an issue to be considered in case of an illness or excessive weight gain. Healthy eating is necessary for every individual. Healthy eating is directly effective in postponing diseases, preventing premature deaths. 

Biyoempedans measurements made by the dietician and physical condition of a person's age, gender, standard of living, according to blood tests, considering a completely personalized program create and diseases with a hard drive, to reach your desired weight is achieved. In the prepared programs, the suitability and feasibility of a person's social life are kept in the foreground and are continued with alternative lists. 

After reaching the ideal weight, the person is placed in a protection program. The aim of dieting is not to lose excess weight in a very short time, but to reach the ideal weight by eating an adequate and balanced diet in a way that is suitable for your lifestyle and that you can maintain later. Because the goal is to make the habits you have gained in this process permanent and maintain them for life. Otherwise, our success will not be permanent. Both preventive and therapeutic nutrition services are provided in our medical center. In order to create awareness of nutrition and quality of life in society, to create lasting changes and positive effects on people, the department of nutrition and diet in our institution provides services with dietitians who are experts in the field of nutrition.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Pounds Can I Lose in a Month?
The basic mechanism of losing weight As we all know, we can lose weight when the energy you spend is more than the energy you receive.

But in this process there are many factors that influence the mechanism of the body and affect our rate of these weight loss: genetic background, sex, ethnicity, prenatal factors (in some cases the exposure of the fetus while in the mother's womb), the childhood health status, age, gender, current weight, the rate of Nov, diet and experience in the past, diet, sleep patterns, psychosomatic status, medications, such as illness.

Although the weight loss process is individual, your monthly goal when losing weight should be to lose 5% of your current weight.  For example, an individual weighing 80 pounds is considered healthy to lose 4 pounds in 1 month and 1 pound per week, while an individual weighing 50 pounds is considered healthy to lose 2.5 pounds per month and an average of 500 grams per week.
What Should Be Done in Case of Edema Problems?
Edema is swelling that occurs due to the accumulation of an excess of fluid between the body tissues. Decongestant edema Edema swellings are most common on the hands, arms, wrists, legs and feet. Usually, causes such as drinking little water, alcohol consumption, excessive sugar and salt consumption, cortisol use, insufficient exercise, menstrual period and ovulation period in women, stress, sleep disorders cause edema.

In the problem of edema;

• Drink 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day.
• Do light brisk walking for 30-40 hours a day
• Do not consume foods such as excessively salty canned foods, pickled foods, pickles frequently.
* Avoid excessive use of salt.
• Do not completely cut the salt if you do not have any health problems.
• Consume foods containing carbohydrates in the appropriate amount, not excessively.
• Get enough protein daily.
• Include foods containing omega 3 in your diet.
* Regulate your sleep. In particular, spend the time elapsed between 23.00 and 04.00 in sleep dec.
How Can I Avoid Sweet Crises?
First of all, it is necessary to analyze what your request is caused by during the day. Finding answers to questions such as how your eating pattern is, at what times and how many hours you eat december, what the contents of the nutrients you eat consist of should be the first step to solving this problem. After making sure that you are eating a balanced and regular diet, it is important to have the necessary blood tests to clarify the issue. If all this is on a healthy course, the dry fruit recipes you make for your break meals will help you to get over these sweet decadence moments more easily.
What to Do in Case of Constipation Problem?
In the problem of constipation, attention should be paid primarily to the diet. After the diet is organized, it is necessary to make this diet balanced, enrich it with fiber. The amount of fiber that should be taken daily should be provided from vegetables and fruits, legumes. It is also necessary to pay attention to the amount of water consumed during the day. It is recommended to consume 2lt to 3lt or 35ml per kilogram per day. Adding periodic exercises to your daily movement to make sure that you are living an active life will also help solve your constipation problem.
How Many Meals a Day Should We Eat?
The number of meals per day can actually vary depending on a person's lifestyle, blood values, chronic ailments. Special attention should be paid to the number of meals and the hours between meals, especially in people with diabetes who have chronic conditions dec In individuals who do not have problems with blood sugar and hypoglycemia, the number of meals can be determined according to the person's lifestyle, but care should be taken that the december of two meals does not exceed 4 hours.
Should the Walk Be Done When You Are Hungry Or When You Are Full?
It can be done if there is no difficulty during short walks on an empty stomach, but being too hungry can cause difficulty controlling hunger and weakness along with excessive blood sugar levels. Eating breakfast or eating a small dec meal before long walks both improves performance and ensures that our blood sugar levels remain in balance. In the same way, before walking, you should go for a walk without eating heavy foods and about 1 hour after eating. The fluid lost by sweating before and after walking should definitely be replaced.
Does Dieting Weaken the Immune System?
The immune system has a complex structure, and one of the most beautiful ways to strengthen it is to eat an adequate and balanced diet. Just following a nutrition program rich in vitamins and minerals will not ensure that you have a strong immune system. Because the strength of the system also depends on the amount of protein taken, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, that is, a balanced diet. It is often observed that the immune system is weakened in cases such as insufficient protein intake, one-type nutrition, depriving the body of vitamins and minerals in weight loss diets that are applied unconsciously. Healthy eating programs that you will do with a specialist will not weaken your immunity, but rather strengthen it.
Does Losing Weight Quickly Harm the Body?
Just as the body doesn't gain weight too fast, it doesn't want to lose that weight too quickly all of a sudden. But many of us are impatient and want to get out of this situation as soon as possible. In order to lose weight very quickly, many people make low calorie intake. Getting few calories, on the other hand, always disrupts the energy production and consumption mechanisms of your body, and many organs are affected by this process. In this case;

* Disturbance of the balance of hormones
* Sleep problems
* Disruptions in the digestive system
• Lack of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients
* Fatigue, weakness
• Too much fluid and muscle november
• Cramps
• Hair loss
* States of depression

he can create it. Therefore, fast weight loss causes a lot of harm to the body, while it makes it seriously difficult for you to maintain your weight in the long run. If you want to stay at the weight you have lost, you should make the right eating habits by losing weight slowly and continuously instead of losing weight fast.
How to Lose Weight By Eating Bread?
Healthy bread always has a place in the diet and is also important for the value of carbohydrates that need to be taken daily. The amount of bread that can be consumed in the diet determined specifically for you during the slimming process will not prevent you from losing weight. On the contrary, the presence of healthy bread in the nutrition program is more important both from the point of view of health and from the point of view of sustainability. But it should be noted here that bread is one of the complete grain products. Although november is no rule that bread is prohibited in the diet, it should not be ignored that decoupling bread, which is a source of carbohydrates, from the diet can lead to muscle loss in the future.
Does Lemon Water Weaken?
No food alone does not lose weight or burn fat. Warm lemon water helps to meet our body's water needs when we drink it as soon as we wake up in the morning. It also supports our immunity with the vitamin c contained in lemon, but it does not have an effect on weight loss alone. It can be drunk if it does not cause any stomach or blood pressure problems.
Does Everyone Have to Make Decant Meals?
If a person does not have sudden dec and deceleration in blood sugar, does not have any chronic conditions such as diabetes, and does not feel excessive weakness, exhaustion between meals, he does not have to take a break. But if appetite control cannot be achieved when switching to the main meal, and blood sugar levels are too low, it is important to balance blood sugar with dec intermediate meal.
Do I Gain Weight After My Diet Process Is Over?
Your diet, specially prepared for you by a nutritionist, continues with a protection program after the slimming process is over. During this time, you will be in the follow-up and your control will last, albeit at december intervals. And you continue to practice the healthy eating habits that you have gained. But of course, if you follow unsustainable diets with a lot of calorie restriction in your weight loss process and continue your eating habits with your old unhealthy state after you reach your goal, it is inevitable that you will gain weight.