Family Medicine Department

Both in the Department of Family Medicine of the people all without discrimination both a sudden increase in deals with existing health problems, long-term health problems following the plan that should be followed to identify the priorities and directs the patient to the branches of the necessary expertise, is responsible for tracking problems with other specialty.

A Family Medicine specialist is a specialist doctor who closely knows the physical, mental and social condition of the people he serves, and in these respects works to maintain and improve their healthy state.

The Family Doctor is on your side in all health issues and in relations with health care providers.

He pays special attention to the communication he has established with you, because the good communication he has established with you makes the whole health service he has provided to you more effective and useful.

The Family Doctor also closely monitors your ailments that have no symptoms yet. During the follow-up, it takes into account the diseases that are most likely and may be most harmful to you. It takes measures aimed at the development of possible diseases.
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